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Welcome to the donation page for the community-led mental health company ‘Our Mental Health Matters’.

‘Our Mental Health Matters’ was launched with only one thing in mind.. To provide a helping platform for anyone who is experiencing has experienced or knows somebody who is struggling with a Mental Health illness.

Over 1 in 4 people now suffer from a mental health condition and its rising every day. Recent pandemics are only going to increase this to sufferers and those that have seen suffering and so we are developing various models that get us out into the community to educate those vulnerable across all walks of life.

Our professionals have been sufferers since there early teens, and know how it feels to suffer in silence at times while feeling as though their condition was something only they had. They understand that at times sufferers are made to wait for long periods to gain access for help and even when we do, we can be made to feel as though it can often be a common issue suffered by so many. Through over 20+ years of education, ‘Our Mental Health Matters’ was created to let you know that it is ‘Our’ Mental Health issues that affect so many. It’s not ‘you’ or ‘I’, it’s ‘We’ and ‘Us’.

‘Our Mental Health Matters’ vision is to work to help build a better understanding of how our MINDs work, while looking to improve the outlook of Mental Health’s impact in today’s society. If we had understood then, what we have educated ourselves on now, maybe life wouldn’t have seemed so daunting at various stages.

‘Our Mental Health Matters’ is developing programmes that will be delivered in Primary Schools, secondary schools and academies, to vulnerable students and NEET’s as well as offering a programme that can be delivered to reduce re-offending while working with Prison Services.

We are also looking to work with employers to offer an in-house Mental Health understanding programme and support sessions which we believe helps companies reduce downtime caused by everyday issues that many employees would be unaware they are tackling. We want to get out to people who may have not found the courage to ask for help yet.

So many of today’s society cannot afford to pay for counselling or have to prioritise another spending from their income, before trying to help themselves. Life’s not easy. Our aim is not to charge for our education and support and so this donation (support) page is to allow those affected to get help and support by the goodwill of others or those that may want to help others through the issues they may previously have faced (or still facing). Too often the vulnerable are charged for asking for help… ‘Our Mental Health Matters’ wishes to change this.

Can we help everyone? No. However, we are willing to do whatever it takes to help as many as we can. With your help, this could be many, many more. Thank you.


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