Are you an Employer?

Are you a company that has the responsibility of your workers mental health to look after?

‘Our mental health matters’ offer courses to employers that take care of your employee’s needs. Mental Health is increasing in workforces but to so many it’s better to say nothing rather than admit what they may believe is a ‘weakness’. We offer one to one sessions with employees that may feel they need to talk to a qualified colleague.

Employers are often surprised to understand that some of their biggest influential workers have subconscious issues that affect their productivity, and so taking care of these not only highlights the companies dedication to employees well-being however increases its productivity.

As Employers, your workers downtime is increased when they have issues that remain undiscussed. Do you have the facilities in house to cover dealing with workers potential issues? If not we can help you as we are doing with many other companies.

Get in contact with us for our trial sessions.

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