Our Mental Health Matters are actively working with local schools within our community to provide 6, 8, and 12 week traineeship courses with schools that wish to promote the effects of wellbeing with its pupils and increase their knowledge of mental health in early teens.

Our Mental Health Matters work with schools, colleges and academies to offer short courses that allow students the opportunity to experience the benefits of physical education through the learning of Boxing (Self Defence) while also including in the programme a Mental Health course that runs concurrently with the programme to allow students to be taught an in-depth analysis of all things ‘Mental Health’ related.

Including an 8 week online course that allows students to receive certification on the fundamentals of boxing including footwork, movement and learning of boxing punches and combinations, as well as an 8 week course education on the majority of Mental Health illnesses, we allow students to educate themselves on a topic that is massively increasing and affecting them and those they interact with.

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